Gomati area. A well hidden corner of Greece with unique history and tradition.

This beautiful village is located 20km from Megali Panagia. Once there, you can access wonderful beaches such as Pyrgos, Develiki, Kastri, Hiliadou and many hidden ones near Arkouda cape such as Petalidi.

According to archaeologist Julia Vokotopoulou, the ancient city Assira was located in the area. According to written sources, Gomati, was a part of Mount Athos up until the 9th century. The monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Gomati made it the “Seat of the Elders”. A great part of it belonged to the monasteries of Megisti (Great) Lavra, Iviron, Dionisiou and Xiropotamou.

According to a version, Gomatos, a general of the Byzantine Empire, had in his jurisdiction the area of the island Lemnos, where a village named Gomatou (and later Gomati) existed. Many of its residents fled from Limnos due to pirate raids. Some of them fled to northern Halkidiki, to a forested and inaccessible -but safe from the pirates- area where they built Gomati.

Old Gomati, remains of which are still preserved, is 4km away from today’s settlement and was protected by 3 towers named Orfanou, Kounoupi and Develikisa.

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